Bindia Hallauer creates paintings with abstract spatial forms that intersect and overlay with versatile coloration and offer themselves to a perfectly designed lyrical compositions. Her paintings have been shown in galleries in Las Vegas and New York.

She has lived in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Just as her world travels have taken her to places that influenced her perceptions, her artwork can move each viewer uniquely. Currently she resides in Henderson, Nevada, USA and is a member of the Las Vegas Artists Guild. Bindia contributes via her art often to humanitarian and environment


Bindia has technology and design background. She holds graduate degrees both in engineering and design. 


  • Honorable Mention Award for Art Show International's How to remember 2020 themed call for art Juried global competition

  • Winner of 'All Colors 2020' competition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO)

  • Featured artist in Abstract Art Today art catalog by Bougie Art Gallery in 2020 

  • Featured artist in Apero Fine Art catalog, July 2020, for 'Water' theme

  • Six month artist residency at City Hall gallery for Henderson city, Nevada

  • Featured artist in Apero Fine Art Catalog, April 2020, for 'Vessel' theme

  • Selected artist for Clark County’s multiple gallery exhibits in 2019 in Nevada

  • Special Recognition at LightSpaceTimeArt Animals Art Exhibition 2019

  • Finalist at Fusion Art's Black & White International Juried Art Exhibition 2019

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I do not sketch prior to painting. With a concept in mind, I go on to developing the basic raw materials for the artwork–a step that I find deeply reflective and soothing.

I seldom paint on an easel or stand. With the canvas or wood panel laid out flat on my table, I walk around it, working from different sides. My gestural strokes are intuitive, but the color choices and composition are very intentional.

I am unafraid of erasure and chance as I am quite aware that the paint and colors themselves can carry their own story. My implements vary from brushes, wedges and palette knifes to experimental techniques with varying acrylic densities.

Art has allowed me to follow my instincts with enthusiasm rather than restraint. Through art, I articulate and communicate my sense of the world, my understanding of the human condition and resilience. If the viewer gets transported into the world created with my language, then the mutual connection is itself rewarding.

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