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Bindia Hallauer creates paintings & sculptures with abstract spatial forms. Her artworks have been shown in galleries in Las Vegas, New York and Milan. Her current series of works consists of sculptures made with salvaged, reclaimed mixed materials which she breathes new life and design into to create emotional sculptures. 

Bindia has technology and design background. Before her artistic path, she worked for Microsoft Corporation in various leadership and strategic roles globally. Bindia has lived in America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Just as her world travels have taken her to places that influenced her perceptions, her artwork can move each viewer uniquely. Currently she resides in Henderson, Nevada, USA and is a member of the Las Vegas Artists Guild. Bindia contributes via her art often to humanitarian and environment causes.

Bindia Hallauer 2022.jpg

Chief Curator
M.A.D.S Gallery, Milan

"An enthusiastic way to see the world and build a relationship with the viewer, her art articulates and communicates her sense of the world, through her own language she gives a sense of resilience and hope taking form as glazed surface and marbled bright colours. These paintings can be juxtaposed to Hyperrealistic drawings or sculpture, like Chuck Close ones or Ron Mueck’s."

Head Curator & Founder
Bougie Art Gallery

“Bindia's art was and is curious to see, as the artist is constantly improving her art manner, technique and the idea behind the canvas… The work itself is hypnotizing -all these spiral forms, created until perfection is a true pleasure to look at.”


Featured artist for Nevada state's Clark County multiple gallery exhibits in 2021-22

Competition Winner, 2021 ALL Water/Seascape Art, Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Winner at 'All Colors 2020' competition by Contemporary Art Gallery Online

Featured in Abstract Art Today art catalog by Bougie Art Gallery in 2020 

Featured in Apero Fine Art catalog, July 2020, for 'Water' theme

Six month artist residency at City Hall gallery for Henderson city, Nevada

Featured in Apero Fine Art Catalog, April 2020, for 'Vessel' theme

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